Just in time for Halloween




October 27, 2013 · 6:05 pm

10 responses to “Just in time for Halloween

  1. tina – We have really missed you! Are you o.k. now? I think you and I must both have been in the hospital at the same time. I got cellulitis so was incarcerated for 3 weeks. I do hope you’re better now. Much love, Linda

    • Nada

      OMG!!! I AM SO SORRY to hear about your cellulitis. You are lucky to still be alive…not because of the cellulitis but you survived 3 weeks in the hospital. I barely made one night.

  2. Monte McClain

    Yikes. I had no idea. Sending lots of love.

  3. Ouch! Hope it all went well though. Take good care of yourself Tina and remember….. we are right around the corner and very happy to help you in whatever way you may need.

    • Nada

      Thank you so much, Sharon. Actually I feel really good…perhaps too good. My head doesn’t quite feel right but I think that’s because it’s not hurting me. HA! Funny in a way. No pain so I don’t think it belongs to me.

  4. Tina, the best to you.

  5. AZ

    Yikes! All you need is bolts on your neck. Hope the surgery helped and sending nothing but good vibes for a quick recovery.

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