King Mau Mau

Maui, in his enthusiasm, jumped off the sofa and hurt his leg a week or so ago. The sofa paid the price. The Big Guy and I hauled the sofa from the living room into the driveway and cut 5 inches off of each leg, practically rendering it legless. The sawed off sofa is Maui’s throne. He is seen here gracefully walking down his ramp (which he had at the time of the accident). Now, if he decides to super dog it off his throne he probably will not hurt himself. He is receiving therapy every day, or I should say more appropriately I am trying to give him therapy, but it mostly ends in giving myself therapy because the dog is so stubborn that I am doing most of the work. He has mended enough to return to his full walking routine, which is actually a sniffing routine with many stops where his nose detects God knows what – a MacDonald’s wrapper, dog pee, a raccoon walked the spot last night, gum, etc. He is a determined little soul and we will not walk on until he is satisfied sniffing. Our house is The House of Stubborn. God knows who is more stubborn – me, my hubby, or the dog. At least he is in the right place where stubborn is an art form and appreciated as such.
King Maui



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7 responses to “King Mau Mau

  1. Steve

    A dog’s life is the best life.

    • Nada

      Well, this dog’s life is the best…hopefully. He needs to lose some weight. I say that as if I’m not responsible, which I know I am. He is such a beggar though.

  2. I like all the pillows on his throne. It’s nice of him to come down and mingle with the plebians from time to time. 🙂

    • Nada

      LOL! Yes, Sometimes I sit on the throne with him but he looks at me in disgust as if to say, “What are you doing, plebeian? Be gone with yes.”

  3. AZ

    My Little Dog (RIP) had to have knee surgery to repair her football knee. You should have seen the look on my face when the vet told me she had football knee, I said “but, but, but she’s never played football!” Needless to say little dogs and dogs with short legs will often develop knee problems after a lifetime of jumping on and off furniture. Sorry Maui, but your football playing days are over.

    • Nada

      His football contract was cancelled, and now I hope he is retired. Perhaps he will take up jogging soon or his waddle is going to start dragging the ground.

  4. Wishing you all a great New Year.

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