Handsome Lad

So, this is our boy, which is the same boy, who is in the post below this one, except this is his short look. The photo in the post below this one is his loooooong look.



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8 responses to “Handsome Lad

  1. A better view. Looking good.

  2. Nada

    The front view. Or the abbreviated end.

  3. Nada

    His nose is what amazes me. It’s so long and he sniffs so much on the walk. I think he interprets everything with that nose. He can smell a McDonald’s bag in the street 5 houses away. He will start pulling. I can’t imagine what we smell like to him.

  4. AZ

    I truly believe that the dog brain does not have a receptor for “smells bad,” everything has a scent and it’s ALL good. We smell goose poop and think “yuck!” Dogs smell goose poop and thinks “good one, I think I’ll roll in it and share the smell with my little walks on two-legs!” Find a heap of rotting sea bird, and “wow it smells like chicken, sorta!” All day they just take in the smells and enjoy each one like they’re at the fragrance counter of a posh department store.

  5. Nada

    I think you have hit upon a good theory. Why else would they roll in rotting seagull – it smells great to them!

    • AZ

      My theory goes out the window when it comes to medications, how a dog and/or cat knows there’s a half-pill buried in a chunk of cheese and/or ice cream and/or meatball is beyond me, but they all know it’s there and they will refuse to swallow it come hell or high water.

      • Nada

        Not my guy. He takes a med every other day buried in a chunk of cheese. He gets miffed if the cheese doesn’t appear every other day. It’s like he can count days. I have no doubt he could drive a car if he put his mind to it …and if I could find a car with gas pedals and brakes 2 inches from the steering wheel.

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