The Mechanical Dog

I was walking him around the shopping center this weekend thinking you are The Mechanical Dog, the perfect dog. Just then, a black poodle approached. I thought “Don’t bark,” and he didn’t. We walked on a bit father and a fluffy small red dog approached and I thought, “Hey a red dog. You should bark, Mechanical dog. Add some spice to our lives.” And he barked and trotted off. Last night he curled up beside me. In my sleep, I thought he was a pillow, and I fluffed his rump. He growled mechanically. He is perfect in every way. He is The Mechanical Dog.



Filed under animal, dachshund, dogs, little dog, small dog

4 responses to “The Mechanical Dog

  1. Nice to have the dog as a friend.

  2. Nada

    he’s the best bud

  3. Here it is. Click on my name.

  4. Did I hear something in the news that the SF area may be getting some much needed rain?

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