What’cha been doing?

Here’s what I’ve been doing. Podcasting. With The Lapse Storytelling Podcast.



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8 responses to “What’cha been doing?

  1. AZ

    I’ve listened to the podcast several times already, and feel the need to revisit again… and again… 🙂

  2. Nada

    Thanks so much, AZ. I would say “Hope you enjoy it” but I’m not sure it’s enjoyable, per se. Interesting? Weird? Who knows.

  3. Gail Coufal

    You are one of my Most Favorite story tellers. Loved it.

    • Nada

      Thank you and thanks for listen, Dawg

      • Gail Coufal

        Later… down the road… I have a couple of good stories for you. Must travel to tell. And I will, damn it! Bring me a bookmark from NYC, s’il vous plait? xo

  4. Nada

    Certainly. Will try to remember to bring one. My memory is a sieve. My memory is a sieve…oh I just said that…

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