New York City or Bust

The Big Guy and I are headed out for New York City tomorrow. Gonna visit my cousin, see some Broadway shows, and go to the ballet. Whooo hoooo. I bought some snacks for the all day plane ride, but I’ve managed to eat most of them yesterday. I’m going to run to the grocery today and buy some more and hope I don’t eat those tonight. Hasta la vista, baby.



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6 responses to “New York City or Bust

  1. Steve

    Wishing you and the Big guy a hell of a good time. Tahe a few photos, if you find time.

  2. AZ

    How exciting! I’ve never been to New York, hell I’ve never been anywhere.

    • Nada

      You should come to NY. See the statue of Liberty. We saw Central Park today and down 5th Ave. They are having a Puerto Rican Day parade on Sunday, which will come right by my cousin’s apartment. Cool. They were getting ready for it today. Can’t wait.

  3. Gail Coufal

    My dream trip. Write everything down.

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