Central Park




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8 responses to “Central Park

  1. Steve

    It was the mid 70’s the last time my wife and I were in NY. I’m sure it has changed. Nice photos.

  2. Nada

    Thanks. I was here a few decades ago and the city seems to be a lot calmer, cleaner and quieter, but then, I’ve been around a few places and come back to here. When I came here the first time, I think I hadn’t been hardly anywhere and NYC was overwhelming.

  3. Gail Coufal

    Civilized… but then, I live in Oakland.

  4. AZ

    I like all the people on the grass — something you don’t see in Phoenix, Arizona, because you’d fry your hide in a nanosecond.

  5. Nada

    YIKES!!! We are suffering with the 80’s.

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