Grand Central Station in NYC




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4 responses to “Grand Central Station in NYC

  1. Steve

    It has to be hell during rush hour.

    • Nada

      You would think. We were on the subway in rush, and I must be desensitized to the whole crowd thing because it was a sardine can. Seemed like the BART though. I was la la laing in my seat, staring at people like I do though they are not as eccentric at San Francisco. In fact they were mostly conservative looking. The wildest guy we say was someone called The Naked Cowboy in Times Square – though not quite naked. He had on BVDs

  2. AZ

    Wow! In Phoenix they make you wait under four upright galvanized pipes with what appears to be a Venetian blind stretched over the top.

    • Nada

      LOL! So true and when I lived there you’d didn’t even get the galvanized pipes and the Venetian blind. All you got was hot as hell concrete.

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