Statue of Liberty




June 9, 2014 · 6:10 pm

6 responses to “Statue of Liberty

  1. Gail Coufal

    Excellent photo, Dawg. Thar she is.

  2. Steve

    We never made it there.

    • Nada

      Oh you should next time you come over. It’s really fun to take that tour and the Ellis Island tour. The audio tour is really interesting. She looks like the copper on her is very thick but it’s only as thick as 2 pennies. Factoid from the audio tour.

  3. AZ

    Seriously, Ms. Liberty’s hide is only the thickness of two pennies? Well I never…

    • Nada

      Who’d a thunk that? And she has to endure 60mph winds coming off the ocean. You would think flying debris would blow a hole in her thin hide.

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