Maui at the Hydro Treadmill…go Maui go

Here’s my boy, Mau Mau (aka The Mauster or Mr. Pencil) on A Well Adjusted Pet‘s new hydro treadmill at the Rex Center in Pacifica, CA. Woo Hoo. Go Mau Go. The barking in the background is Jack Jack shouting words of encouragement. Mauster loved the hydro treadmill, and was crazy wild and invigorated the rest of the day. It’s so therapeutic for my old boy plus helps with his waistline. And yes, I did call him “Bubble Butt” in one of the videos, but hey he called me that name first and I wasn’t even in the water.



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4 responses to “Maui at the Hydro Treadmill…go Maui go

  1. Nada

    That made me laugh really hard, Gene. How is Oakland these days? I miss the warmer weather, the old swimming hole at the Dimond District…and Farmer Joe’s, of course.

  2. Gail Coufal

    So Dawg, how is this any different than our water jogging?? We were that happy once, too! Come back to the pool with me!
    Mau-Mau is a champ. xoxo

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