The Last Pay Phones

The last pay phones on the face of the earth were removed and taken to the dump yesterday. One of the workers, who was tossing the phones in the back if his pickup, asked me if I wanted one.

“Why? So I can call 1980? No thanks,” I said. After all, I have a perfectly malfunctioning cell phone from AT&T that hangs up on people mid-conversation.

RIP, little pay phones. Hope you find some friends at the dump.



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5 responses to “The Last Pay Phones

  1. AZ

    R.I.P. pubic phones, now they get to go the great beyond where they will never be vandalized again. 🙂 Next… the Yellow Pages. :/

    • Nada

      That made me laugh really hard. And yes, I do wish they would quit tossing those stupid yellow pages on my front porch.

      • AZ

        I don’t know anyone who uses the Yellow Pages, it so much easier to do a Google search. For a few years they could use the excuse “not everyone has a computer,” but most phones now do what computers do. DOWN WITH THE YELLOW PAGES!!!

      • Nada

        I’m chorusing “DOWN WITH THE YELLOW PAGES.” They go from my front porch to the recycle can. “DOWN, DOWN, DOWN WITH THE YELLOWED PAGES.”

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