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What’cha been doing?

Here’s what I’ve been doing. Podcasting. With The Lapse Storytelling Podcast.



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My dog: the paradox.

This is so FREAKING FUNNY, you have to read it. Warning: Cursing. Yeah, yeah, like that’s a big surprise on this blog. Not.

Thanks to Donna for the hyperlink. LOVED IT!


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Sea Bowl Car Show

Sea Bowl had a car show this past weekend. My favorite car was an old Barracuda that I failed to get a picture of because I’m a dither head. The current owner of the Barracuda was the second owner. His Mom had purchased the car for him when he was 16. His wife, who was standing by him at the car, said “This is the vehicle he picked me up in 34 years ago for our first date.” Very cool. The owner told me he didn’t want the Barracuda when he first got it. He wanted a Charger or a Challenger or something or rather. I can’t remember exactly what he said he was lusting for. It was only after several years did he start appreciating the Cuda. And I must say his car was the most gorgeous thing at the show. A beauty. Lovely restoration. Beautiful paint and that funny blue green tinted glass that all the old Cudas had.

And this picture? Well, it got taken because of the dog. Of course.


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