Pacifica Castle

Yes, we have a castle here in Pacifica, and it’s a dandy one too. The Historical Society is currently hosting limited tours, but this is the last week. I took the tour last Saturday and I have tickets again for this Saturday. Why? Because the castle is that cool. Really. To get your own ticket, go here. To see what the Chronicle had to see, go here. The docents, or should I say “ghosts” were great explaining the history of the building. Here’s a photo of a little lady ghost with her gun. They also had refreshments in the downstairs with a jazz band.



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8 responses to “Pacifica Castle

  1. I read the Chron article. That has been one wild place over the years. I’m sure it is worth a couple of visits. Will they let you take photos?

    • Nada

      Yes. They let us take photos. the Big Guy got some pretty good ones, the best I posted here. I was too busy talking to the ghosts to take pictures. Thankfully, the Big Guy doesn’t talk much and got some good photos.

    • Nada

      Thanks so much for this link. For some reason, wordpress had put this comment in spam. I un-spammed it this morning. The book looks really good. I think they may have had it for sale in the little gift shop which was set up downstairs in the room beside the jazz band. I will check again this Saturday, as I bought more tickets to see the castle one last time with my cousin who will be visiting. They were selling some Pacifica Jack cheese and I was all about the cheese last time because they were running out.

  2. I thought they were sold out! Congrats on getting more tickets! Hope your out-of-town visitor likes it too.

  3. I went into the site and saw that there is a book on the castle. A bit expensive, but interesting.

    • Nada

      Thanks again. Sorry about your previous comment going to spam. Will check the book out for sure. I also bought a Pacifica iTouch app, and I checked that out the other day. It had some wonderful pictures of the castle’s earlier years.

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